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About Kaunas „Vyturys“ Gymnasium


Established by Kaunas Municipality and Kaunas Archdiocese- safe, dynamic, competitive and aspiring for high quality of education, extended Gymnasium, implementing distinctive elements of pedagogical system, based on formal musical education programms in Musical department.


Gymnasium provides a high-quality general education established by the state, according to prie-primary, primary, secondary and formal musical education programms and implements elements of Catholic education system, aims for personal growth of students according to individual potentiality and opportunities.


Without love there is no trust, without trust there is no education. (St. Don Bosco)

The biggest strength – is the trust in person and concentration of creativity power, so we will follow values that are important for personal achievement.
OPENNESS – for positivity, new initiatives, dialogue, collaboration and innovation.
RESPONSIBILITY – for own behaviour, morality, taking care not only about yourself, but also about the environment, community, own country.
VIRTUE – habit to act right and to do good things.
CREATIVITY – generating valuable ideas and implementing them, accepting challenges as possibilites for creating your personal success.
RESPECT FOR STUDENT – according to Salesian preventive educational system (St. Don Bosco)
SAFETY – to take care of the safe environment at school each day („Olweus“ preventive bullying programm, „Esafetylabel“ Project „Safe electronical environment at school“ EUN pilot project „Social media Literacy for change“).

Uniqueness of the Gymnasium

Kaunas “Vyturys” gymnasium implements distinctive elements of Catholic education system, providing purposeful musical education programms. Gymnasium has folk ansemble „Lygutė“ and 3 choirs- primary school choir, secondary school choir and mixed choir.

Musical Departament Gymnasium provides formal programms of musical education ( pre-primary, primary, basic and advanced). All documents legalizing the achievements provided according the order of Lithuanian Ministry of Education.

Gymnasium implements preventive system (faith and value-based Salesian educational system) which was developed by Don Bosco.
Gymnasium has 10 years of the experience of implementing international ERASMUS+ KA1 and KA2 projects, administrated by The Education Exchanges Support Foundation and creating extra added value for the Gymnasium and Kaunas as well.

In 2016 April 13th Agency of International Youth Cooperation confirmed the acreditation of participation in projects of European Volunteer Service. Gymnasium acquired status of EVS hosting institution. This status was provided for only two gymnasiums in Kaunas.